UITVERKOCHT: Zaklampvissen Winter Wonder Weken

UITVERKOCHT: Zaklampvissen Winter Wonder Weken

SOLD OUT!  This excursion is part of the Winter Wonder Weeks

  • There are three excursions in december, which will start at 17:30 at the Hortus botanicus and will last for an hour.
  • Multilingual means mainly Dutch, with English, Spanish, German and French translations interspersed, depending on the public.
  • You'll learn some locally evolved tricks to keep the streets and canals tidy by working together.
  • More information in English can be found here
  • If you can think of any 'fishy' questions, ask your guide that night, Aaf Verkade (the coordinator of Under water in Leiden).


  • The 'stars' refer to documented individually recognizable fish which inhabit the Leiden canals and who have been named in a true Facebook of fish.
  • Do not wear your best clothes on this excursion: you might want to kneel to get closer and catch an American crayfish or Chinese mitten crab.
  • Flashlights and reflection vests will be provided.


  • Do not imbibe alcohol before the excursion, since falling in will get you (and your mobile) wet! Read more about the algemene voorwaarden (Dutch only) here.

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Startdatum zaterdag 09-december-2023 - 16:30
Einddatum zaterdag 16-december-2023 - 17:30
Max. aantal deelnemers 10
Ingeschreven 0
Aantal plaatsen 10
Sluitingsdatum 18-december-2023
Prijs per persoon €4,00
Locatie Hortus botanicus Leiden

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"Onder water in Leiden" is onderdeel van "Aaf Verkade Adviseur Stadsgrachten"

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Kijfgracht 12
2312 RZ Leiden

KvK 64674487
BTW nummer NL163735694B01
NL47 Trio 0391068563 t.a.v. Verkade Stadsgrachten

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